What are the interesting facts and stats on BlockChain technology?

According to the research analysts, there’s a whole set of statistical facts which is associated with the ‘Blockchain Technology’ and it’s enormous growth over the digital platform. This technology is termed to be the main reason behind the evolution of the digital platform and it’s also responsible for upgrading the scope of a new set of innovations at the global platform in various different sectors such as law, trade, politics etc.

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We’ll now tell you about some interesting statistical facts which are related to the functioning of this technology.

1. ‘Blockchain Technology’ approximately accounts for 60% of the overall market value for the financial industries all over the world.

2. According to research analysts, the market value of this technology is going to reach around $1.4 billion by 2028 for the food and agricultural sectors.

3. Moreover due to its immense popularity more than $270 billion has been allocated for investment in the project related to blockchain technology.

4. All the significant transaction which take place through the process of blockchain technology are significantly more accountable and also are much cheaper in value than the manual transactions.

5. 74% strength from the team of international companies such as Microsoft, Deloitte, IBM etc feel that this technology exhibits to deliver huge business platforms within the industry.

Winding Up!

All these financial statistical values of the blockchain technology certainly suggest that it’s evolved at an advanced level across the global platform. As many companies have implemented this technology in their work procedure so it’s upgrading at a higher success rate and soon in future, it’s going to shower the industry with good outcomes and results in terms of economical value.

Give Reasons why Blockchain Technology is importannt to businesses these days ?

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